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Our Work

Have a look at our existing projects. We provided some short descriptions, pictures and trailers.

Welcome to the Mental Gym

A piece about mental health in our modern society.

We collaborated with Marcel Appel, Manuel Oeschger and Léa Villeneuve. 
We were inspired and used the song "Mental Gym" by Alina Kopp.


26 pages and 4qm

A piece about data and social media. Created in collaboration with the artist Marcel Appel and light designer Manuel Oeschger. 

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-18 um 20.32.30.png


Tracing Empathy

A short movie about today's society ability of empathy. A collaboration with DeDa-Productions and Felix Krell.


Blue Pill? Red Pill?

A piece about transparency and whistleblowers. Premiered in Frankfurt am Main in September 2020.

Ponies Flyer Bild.jpeg


Ponys dieser Welt, erhebt Euch!

A piece about protest in today's world. Premiered in Frankfurt am Main in July 2018.

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