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Collective and Interdisciplinary Work

Each of the members of the collective brings a different profession and an individual skillset to our work. Thus, an interdisciplinary structure evolves naturally in our artistic process. "Collective" means to us, that we each have a different set of experiences and standpoints and that this pool of experience is to be shared with one another, which can then make or help us reflect on our indiviual opinions. In each of our work processes, the focus is on an egalitarian decision-making. We want to use the different art divisons to transmit our statements as clearly as possible, rather than performing highly technical achievements. Nonetheless, we strive for a high level of quality in our works.

In our projects we gather a broad and well founded knowledge base through extensive research, before we try to transfer any of the material into our scenic work. The research is to be based on a variety of reliable sources.

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