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Our Vision

We want theater for everybody. Through an unpretentious approach, we hope that the audience feels addressed by us and connected to us. The contact with the audience is supposed to take place on an equal footing and in a relaxed manner. By giving already existing pieces and topics (from pop-culture to classic) a bizarre or farcical edge, we want to visualize and caricature prevailing power and culture relations. Painting something that is familiar to the general public in a grotesque way, establishes a connection with the audience and provides an anchor point. This enables us to create a different kind of exchange and interaction with our audience.


In addition to this, it is important to us to make time for artist talks after our performances, where spectators can pose questions and give feedback in a relaxed setting. During the performance we actively break the fourth wall, as we believe, that this enables the building of a stronger connection. It loosens up the often stiff theater frame, and the audience is confronted more directly with the topics we bring forward. The interaction with the audience is one of the foundations in the performance genre, as it provides a different level of insight. What we do not want is to simply transmit our intentions and information by force, but rather open up different forms of reception for the spectator, be that through emotional, mental, or physical pathways. 


It is important to us, that the audience becomes motivated to reflect on the presented topics, and can maybe even relate them onto themselves. It is not our goal for them to pick up and remember all the information, but rather we want to make them feel motivated to find out more by themselves even after the performance, or at least help them see the topic from a different point of view. Through this approach, we believe we can create additional value with our work.

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