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We, the Backstein Kollektiv, have a keen interest for socio-politically oriented art and want to create works that motivate the spectator to re-think the current status quo. By the interdisciplinary trio (Julie Grutzka, Soprano; Hendrik Hebben, Dancer; Moritz Fabian, Dancer/ Theater studies and Sociology student) these works are developed and performatively produced. Our works are based on extensive research, of which the results are shared with the audience through our performance. In 2018 we premiered with "Ponies dieser Welt, erhebt euch!", a live-performance with the topic of protest in our modern society in Frankfurt am Main. In September 2020, we presented our work "Blue Pill? Red Pill?" in the Gallus Theater at the dance festival "Zukunft tanzt – Abend der jungen Choreografie" . The piece is situated around whistleblowers and the general concept of transparency. We count ourselves lucky and thankful that we were invited to a residency organized by TanzOrtNord e.V., which took place in Eisenstadt, Austria in 2021. Since then we have created the short movie "Tracing empathy" and the piece "4qm and 26pages". Together they have been put in an evening filling program called "Collective Works", which was performed at Landungsbrücken Frankfurt in March 2022. In May 2022, we travelled to Lübeck to the Dance Festival organized by TanzOrtNord, where we performed "Blue Pill? Red Pill?" and showed "Tracing Empathy". We were also teaching workshops there, in which we combined body and vocal work. "Collective Works" was also selected to be performed in the performance festival "Politik im freien Theater" in October 2022.

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